Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday ~ Kitchen Spices

Happy Tuesday! The idea behind this weekly series was to do a short blog post on some little quick and easy tip. No fuss, no muss. A few words, a few pictures and we're done till next Tuesday.

Well today is a bonus Quick Tip day. Today you're getting an entire bonanza of tips. I know, I'm awesome. 

So the first tip is.... Don't wait till Tuesday morning to remember that it's Tuesday and you promised a Tip! Sheesh. Here I was, all geared up to get some things done, when it hit me. It's Tuesday and I haven't posted my tip. Not only have I not posted, but I generally write it a day or two before so I can publish bright and early Tuesday morning and I hadn't even written it yet. See? That's what happens when you get so into working in your yard and your studio that everything else ceases to exist.

Second tip? When you drive a diesel car, never, and I mean never, let your guard down and not watch to make sure that they use the green diesel hose and not the black gas hose. I made it 16 miles to the foot of my hill before Louie the Love Bug coughed and died. A few days of dealing with that was enough to teach me a good lesson in being present and not checking my phone while I got fuel.

So now on to the real tip. At the risk of showing my total ignorance, did you know that kitchen spices don't last forever and that they actually have an expiration date? It's true. I had no idea. I really didn't. I come from a family that seldom tosses anything out that might be of use and the thought of dumping a bunch of spices that only have a bit out of them because I only use them once a year for Holiday baking seems insane to me. But now I have a great way to get rid of those older spices that doesn't involve the trash can.

When fall comes around and I'm longing for the comforting scent of home baking but don't have the time to do it, I pull out a small sauce pan, fill it with water and a sliced apple or orange and then open my spice cupboard and start dumping a little of this and a little of that. A few cloves, some cinnamon, allspice and some nutmeg. I've even thrown in a bit of ginger and pumpkin pie spice. I keep a bottle of cheap vanilla from the Dollar Tree so that I can splash a bit of that in too. Put on a low simmer on your stove and prepare to be awed. It really does smell incredible. I let mine simmer all day on the stove top and just add a bit of water now and then but if you have one of those smaller crockpots, you can put your water and spices in that and leave it on low with the lid off. Easiest home scent ever and a great way to use up stale spices. (A word of caution here: there is a chance that your family will walk in the door, break into a huge smile because they think you have something yummy baking and then be crestfallen when they find out there's not...)

apples and spices

Make sure to check back next Tuesday for our "How to stay on track and get your house clean when you have the attention span of a gnat" post. Personal experience here...

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  1. wren what a funny post ..... sometimes we are too busy to pay attention lol... good tip also love a good smelly house xx


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