Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday ~ Clean it FAST

I admit it. I love a nice clean house, but I hate cleaning. I guess hate is a strong word, but when it comes time to cleaning house I bet I could find a million other things that I would rather do. I'll start out strong and determined, run a sink of soapy water to scrub down the kitchen and then look out the window and see something that I need to do "really quick". Two hours later when I come back in the house, the kitchen is still a mess and the sink of water is cold. Or I'll go in to scrub the bathroom first thing in the morning, grab the windex to spray the mirror, see my refection and think "oh, I should try that hairstyle I pinned the other day". Then before you know it, Ken is home from work and I've been lost all day in a marathon Pinterest frenzy. I'm telling you, it's bad...

I can't even remember where I read this (I would love to give that Blogger credit) but someone suggested that you use the kitchen timer to stay on track. Thinking that it was worth a try, I started in the kitchen and set my timer for 15 minutes. Every time I started to leave the kitchen I would remind myself that I needed to stay on track until the timer went off. I would clean as fast as I could for my 15 minutes (you'll be amazed how much you can do in that short time) and then, when the timer went off, decide if I wanted to clean for another 15 minutes or take a 15 minute break to check mail or see what was going on with Facebook. There are days when I'm so not into cleaning that every other 15 minute increment is spent taking a break and doing something fun. By timing both my breaks and my work time, I don't get sucked into the internet for hours and any overwhelming cleaning job is easier to deal with since I'm only stuck doing it for 15 minutes before I can take a break. As bad as my monkey brain is, even I can do 15 minutes.

Another helpful tip I wanted to share is....oh, sorry! There's my timer. Have to close now. I have a 15 minute date with my kitchen!

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  1. cute post wren and a good sense tip thanks for sharing xx


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