Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thrifty Thursday - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Since I made the decision to leave my regular paycheck and go out on my own, I've made it a point to be as thrifty as possible. Ken and I have never been ones to spend much on luxuries and we have pretty simple needs, but I knew there was still a way or two that we could make our money go further. I've always loved to get a great bargain and now I have the time to really look for those great deals.

I get so excited when I'm able to make a killer deal and I thought it would be fun to share my money saving finds with a Thrifty Thursday post. Every Thursday I'll share my great deals, thrifted finds and other money saving ideas.

One thing that we have been bad about is grocery shopping. I really hated to go to the store after work so either Ken or I would go in and just grab something for that nights dinner. No menu, no planning, no bargain shopping. And for the most part we didn't get out of the grocery store for less than $25. Needless to say, that really added up.

Now that I'm home, I'm working on going back to doing a larger grocery shopping every two weeks and creating a menu so I have a list to shop from. I forgot how much work that can be. But I'm getting back into the swing of it. This week, I found that Safeway had chicken leg quarters on sale for $1.39 a pound. Each leg quarter came in at around $1.50 each. Pretty thrifty in my book.

I was able to get three, maybe four meals from that one package; Fried Chicken with Corn on the Cob and Potato Salad, Creamy Chicken Pockets with Green Salad, and a nice big pot of Chicken and Dumplings (that will probably be enough for two meals) for Sunday Dinner. The first meal I just cut up and fried two of the leg quarters. I put other three in a big pot of salted water and boiled them till the meat fell off the bone. I strained the meat out of the broth divided it in half putting one half in the freezer with the broth for Sunday's dumpling dinner. The other half was made into some yummy Creamy Chicken Pockets. Just look at these....

Creamy Chicken Pockets

Perfect for a warm August night. You can get the full recipe at Seeded at the Table . A little garlic, onion and some cream cheese added to your chicken and all wrapped up in a crescent roll. Super easy. Each meal came out to $5 or less.  Yay ME!

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