Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday - No More Musty Drawers

Here in Western Oregon, things can get a bit musty. It's one of the trade-offs for living in such a green lush area. I used to buy those little paper sachets to tuck in drawers and closets, but often I couldn't find a scent that I really loved and they could get spendy. Not only that, but the scent didn't really last long.

I love to change the scent in my home seasonally and always have a wax pot going. I can pick up a package of little wax cubes for $2 each and they come in a huge variety. I really like the ones that combine three different scents. I'm all about scent layering. The other great thing about these cubes is that they smell great even if you don't melt them.

I'm also a big fan of scented soaps. My favorite is Yardley's Lavender and I just found out that I could buy a bath sized bar at my local $1 store. For $1. Talk about affordable luxury!

Now for a little arts and crafts. And I don't want to hear that you're "not crafty". If you can tie your shoes, you can do this. Trust me.

What you'll need:
  • Pretty Hankie, small piece of fabric, old doily (pretty  much anything with a weave that will let your scent come through)
  • Length of ribbon, string  (even a rubber band would work!) just something to hold your bundle together.
  • Wax melts or scented soap in your favorite scent

Ok, are you ready for the technical part? First, the soap sachet. Grab your favorite scented soap and unwrap it. Lay your hankie flat with the wrong side down (if it has a print) and place your bar of soap in one corner. Roll your soap in the hankie to the opposite corner (see photo). Now take the two free ends of your hankie and tie it in a knot on top of the bar. This is probably my favorite...

For this next one, I used a doily that I picked up at Michael's for $1. Since the weave was a bit open, I used a small square of tulle to contain my melts. So, pop three or four melts out of their container. Place the square of tulle on top of your doily and pile your melts in the center. Take a length of ribbon and weave it around the edge of the doily. Pull tight to gather the edge tucking your tulle inside. Finish by tying a pretty bow.

This last one, I did just like the doily only I used my lace hankie, piled my melts in the center, gathered the edges in my hand and tied with a bit of burlap ribbon. Simple.

So there you go. Pretty much an instant sachet. Now go tuck them in a drawer that needs a little refreshing. Or in a suitcase before you store it away. They would even make an awesome hostess gift if you know her favorite scent. Easy, inexpensive and a little treat for the nose every time you open the drawer!


  1. wren what a cute nifty thrifty idea i am into smellys too and my gresser has one slightly stinky drawer i am gonna do this with my wax cubes right now thanks xx

    1. thats dresser in english lol xx

    2. Oh my gosh, your typo had me laughing! Hope it makes your DRESSER smell better! ~Wren


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