Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Old Town Florence Fix

I got my Old Town fix this week. My friend Patty owns a cute little shop on Bay Street called Nana's White Hair Cottage. Once in a while, I get the pleasure of working her shop for her and getting to spend a little time in Old Town.

We're in the middle of tourist season right now and town was hopping. Good thing Patty has an assigned parking place or I would have been hoofing it a few blocks to the shop. Not that I couldn't use the exercise.

Patty's shop is a wonderful eclectic mix of old and new...

a big treat for the eyes. It's like a treasure hunt with pretty things tucked in every corner. The perfect place to find some great stocking stuffers and unique gifts for everyone.

I really enjoyed the two days I was there. So many people in from so many places. I had two women from British Columbia spend almost an hour trying on everything in the jewelry case and laughing the entire time. So much fun. I miss that part of being a business owner in Old Town. 

I'm a firm believer that the Universe puts people in our path that we're suppose to meet and on Monday one of Patty's friends came in to see her. Turns out that Sandy and I had tons in common. Both creative business owners who went to work in the banking industry when the economy turned and then, within days of each other, left our banking jobs to go back to creating. I can't wait to get to know her better.

So, today I'm back home gearing up to get a ton of work done upstairs in the studio. I've been trying to organize my work area and create a sewing area in the corner of the guest room. Lots of ideas sketched in my notebook that I'm itching to put together and share with you!


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