Monday, August 4, 2014

Alaska - The Trip Home

I finally had a moment to look over my blog and get back into the swing of regular posts. Was surprised to see that I haven't posted since March. So much has happened since then. So, a quick catch-up so I can get on with other posts...

We've been home from Alaska for over four months now. Funny how time files when you have to come home to a full time job and everyday responsibilities. I would much rather spend my days making pipe cleaner crafts with a 3 year old.

Our trip home from Alaska was a long but beautiful one. We caught the ferry at the Skagway Terminal around 2:00 in the afternoon, so we were able to see a large part of Lyn Canal before it got too dark. I hated to leave my little Alaska family. This last time between visits was way too long and grandchildren have a habit of growing very fast while I'm away from them.

I always enjoy the ferry ride and I think that Mom did too. It was about a 7 hour trip and our seats were right up front on the upper deck. There are huge windows that frame the view and you feel like you're watching the big screen and some incredible movie of a fantasy place...

We got into Juneau after 9:00 p.m. and headed right to our hotel. We had an early flight the next day and arrived at the Juneau airport in plenty of time to get through security and wait. Somehow I had managed to pick the milk run as our flight home adding about 2 hours to our flight time. We weren't thrilled to be on the plane that long, but being able to fly over areas of Alaska that we've never seen was totally worth it...

In April most of us managed to make it home to John Day for Easter and a sweet little family wedding for my Niece Faith and her new husband Colin. We don't get home much so it was a full weekend trying to fit in all the visiting we could before it was time to head back home.

May and June are pretty much a complete blur. There was the happy arrival of our new great-niece Kennedy, a sweet little thing like her momma. I can't wait to spend more time snuggling her and with the life change that I made in July, time with her and my children and grandchildren might actually take place. My Mom came and spent time with me as well. I'm sure there were other things that happened, but life seemed to be moving a warp speed about then.

I had know for quite some time that I wanted to leave my 8-5 job and design a life that I loved and a good part of May and June were spent being preoccupied with that thought. I finally decided to take a leap of faith. I blogged about that over at The Wren's Cottage Nest. My last day at my old job was July 10th and I haven't looked back. My days over the last three weeks have been filled with a ton of projects and little by little, Rosehaven is starting to look like herself again. Still so much to do and I find that I need to actually make a schedule so that I don't spend all my time in the gardens and forget that now that I'm self-employed, I actually need to make sure that I do things that fill my bank account as well as my soul.

Life is good and I'm filled with gratitude and excitement when I think about the possibilities that each dawn brings. There is something so freeing (yet terrifying) knowing that my income potential is no longer limited by an employers wage policies, but by the amount of effort I put into my creations.

I look forward to spending much more time here at For the Love of Lillian. I've got a pile of notes on blog topics and site improvements as well as some new weekly series ideas that I think you'll enjoy.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the first installment of our new series "Quick Tip Tuesday". Not that I'm lazy, but anything that makes chores go faster and easier is right up my alley. You'll find that in our new series.

Wishing you a beautiful Monday,

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