Monday, March 24, 2014

Alaska Part 2

Mom and I landed in Skagway Alaska on Thursday. I don't know how we managed it, but between my Mom, daughter-in-law Dannie and I, we managed to keep Mom coming with me a secret from
my son. He was at work when we got in and when he called Dannie to say he was ready to come home I was the one that got to pick him up.

It was funny to me that here was a 33 year old hard working father of two waiting to be picked up from work yet all I saw was my much missed little boy. A year and a half between visits is just too long. He was surprised to see me, but the reaction when he walked in the house and did a double take when he saw his grandma standing there was priceless. We had him convinced that grandma just wasn't able to fly. Such a good surprise.

When we got settled in our room I opened my suitcase to find a nice little note from security letting me know that my bag had been searched. What was it about an old lady's seashell tapestry suitcase that prompted a search? Well, I guess it could have been the summer sausage from Aunt Mindy wrapped tightly in plastic and white paper and tucked in a zippered compartment. Or maybe the dryer sheets that I tucked in my shoes before  packing just to keep them fresh. Really, I've watched enough episodes of Border Wars to know that this might look slightly suspicious.

It's beautiful here. I've been fortunate enough to visit this little frontier town both during tourist season and in the off season. It's like two completly different worlds. During the height of tourist season the town can host as many as 10,000 visitors from the cruise ships that stop here. All the little shops along Broadway open and it's a beehive of activity with a festival like feel.

The off season is totally different. It's odd to drive down the main drag and see almost all of the storefronts empty and not a soul on the street...

So far, this has been such a nice quiet visit filled with things that memories are made of...

Like all the visits before this one is going too fast. Today we're off for a little drive and, I'm pretty sure, more arts and crafts and funny little kid cuddling.

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