Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Camper

I admit that I can be like a little kid when I get excited about something. And maybe a little obsessive. Maybe. But something happened a while back that has me in excitement overdrive. My sweet Ken traded labor and got me my very own little camp trailer.

Now, if you follow me on Pinterest you know that this camper thing is something I've wanted for a long time. Since about January, I've searched Craigslist almost daily for a little hide-away on wheels. And I found several that I thought were perfect. That Ken promptly vetoed. He's weird like that. While I'm thinking of how cute I could make it and how good the after photos are going to look on Pinterest, Ken is busy checking out the tires, looking for roof leaks and dry rot and just generally raining on my parade with all his grown up, responsible behavior. Makes me crazy. It got to a point where I was sure we would never find a camper that I loved that would meet all his requirements. And did I mention that he wanted a "good tires, a title, no leaks, all systems working, no dry rot" camper for $500 or less? Yeah... mission impossible.

I came home one day and Ken said he sent me a link to a camper he was looking at. I have to admit that I was fed up and wasn't even going to start to care about a camper again.  Why get excited when it's not ever going to happen? And when I pulled up the photos I was less than thrilled. A 1986 Kit was no where close to a late 50's early 60's Shasta or Ideal. (I swear sometimes he doesn't get me at all.) But, I begrudgingly agreed to go look at it. Yes, I had a bad attitude. I just knew what I wanted and I was sure this camper wasn't it. Only (damn if he wasn't right) it was. It had everything he insisted on at a price he wanted. And I had it "Wren-O-vated" and decorated within minutes of stepping through the door. Really, it was too good to be true. We kept looking for something major to be wrong. Even after we got it home and could really dig in and look things over, there were only a few minor fixes. I'm still amazed.

When I first started on our camper project, I knew I had to be fair and make it our camper and not just mine. What does that mean exactly? Well, in my marriage, it means that I can't "girl it up". And I've tried really hard to stick with that plan. I mean REALLY hard. I started with the bathroom and the road map wall treatment...

Not too girly right? Bold colors, travel theme, a little red and gray to set it all off. I was still on track when I covered the headboards and painted the cupboard accents.

Again, a nice gray with a touch of red and some manly silver uphostry tacks for good measure.

But then, as fate and a lunch hour trip to Goodwill would have it, I found THE fabric. You know, that piece of yardgoods that makes your heart sing and throws your mind into overdrive decorating an entire room with things that co-ordinate beautifully with THE fabric.

(Really, I would hate to think that I'm the only one with a mind that works that way.) And the thing that made this fabric even more amazing? $3.99 for about 6 yards. No lie.

Soooo....the decor plan for the little camper has adjusted slightly. The gray is still perfect (just happens to be the same gray in my new fabric) and the turquoisy (yes I know that's not a real word) blue accent color that I love still works too, but the vibrant orange that I thought I was going to use has been replaced with buttery yellow.

It makes sense really, if you think about it. The whole idea behind our little "Ollie" is to have a retreat on wheels where we can Olvadarse del Mundo. Just grab some clothes and food on a moments notice and take off to forget the world for a few days. Seems to me  that it would be much easier to do that surrounded by soft shades of gray with a nice buttery yellow. And a few nice accent pillows here and there. For comfort, of course.

The other day Ken caught me trying to sneak out of the house undetected.
"What have you got there?"
"Looks like something to me..."
"Nope," I said as I tried to tuck a bit of lace out of view, "it's nothing."
"Better not be lace!" he said.
Lace? Really? What?! Like the perfect lace for the bedroom windows  that would set off the perfect buttery yellow and gray of the perfect fabric I found?! Don't be silly...that would be "girling it up" and we both know that's not allowed!

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