Friday, July 5, 2013

My Haven...

Websters defines a "Haven" as a place of safety or refuge; an inlet providing shelter for ships or boats, a harbor. That's exactly what Rosehaven is to me.

Monday through Friday I drive 16 miles West to work my 8-5 job. It's a beautiful drive, one that I've made for 12 years now and one that, because it is so beautiful, I don't mind a bit. It takes me about 20 minutes, and in that time I can gear my mind up for the day ahead. The drive home is the same distance, but since I'm returning home, it's one I enjoy much more.

The peaceful Siuslaw River runs along my entire route. It winds on my right side as I head home and there are several scenic views and often a Crane or Kingfisher looking for food. The River is a calming presence and by the time I turn to cross the tracks and head up Rice Road, I can feel the peace of my Haven start to settle in.

Rice Road is very definitely an inlet. The first bend in the road offers a seasonal waterfall tucked in all the green, and in the spring the wild foxglove offers a beautiful accent.

Looking further up the road you can almost feel the pull of a safe harbor ahead....

Our home sits at the bottom of a hill after 2 dead end signs. You pull into the drive and have to walk around the side of the garage and down the path to the side door.

 Warm and cozy and tucked in behind the garage is my home, my haven. My Rosehaven...

I'm so happy for Friday's when I know I have two full days in my safe harbor. Someday soon I hope to be able to be here writing full time and petting my little dogs. But for now, every evening, I return to my Haven to recharge for the next day knowing that it won't be long before Friday comes along again and I've got two glorious days in a place that makes me incredibly happy.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead,

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  1. What a lovely little haven it is, too! I can feel the peace of the place simply through your description. Thank you so much for sharing.



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