Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Flowers

It's true what they say; "April showers bring May flowers." We certainly had our share of showers in both April and May and my flowers are really enjoying the extra moisture. Now some nice warm sun to help the seeds germinate and grow would be awesome.

The hops seem to love the wire trellis that Ken put up for me a few months back. On my way out the door to work the other morning, it reached out and snagged a bit of my hair making me stop short, admire his beautiful bright green leaves and tuck the few wayward tendrils softly back behind the wire so they could continue their upward climb.

The two window baskets that I hung last year finally got planted and I'm looking forward to watching them fill in and cascade over the edges. Orange flowers are catching my eye this year and I love the mix of color and texture that I've got going. I can see the planters from my kitchen window and they're right on the path to the house so I have plenty of opportunity to enjoy them.

Last year I planted several packets of Zinnia seeds and waited patiently for them to come up. Nothing. Did the same thing this year and so far no success. I mentioned to my husband that my grandmother grew them like weeds in her garden yet I can't get a single seed to sprout. Leave it to a non-gardner to point out that grandma's yard was filled with sun and John Day has a much warmer climate than my gardens here at Rosehaven. Mystery solved. So, in order to have a few of the Zinnia's that my grandma loved I end up buying them potted and blooming and tuck them in my beds. More than one way to grow a Zinnia!

I'm sure that our wet April and May are going to make way for a beautiful June.

Hope all is well in your world,

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