Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anniversary Camping

Our 11th anniversary was this weekend. In some ways it seems like we just married and in others, it's like there was never a life without my husband/friend in it.

Over the years, we've relaxed into that comfortable old pair of jeans feeling with each other. We have our routines and, for the most part, we work like a well oiled machine. My husband is a creature of habit and likes life this way. Same things at the same time in the same way. I'm a little different. I do like my routines, but I'm generally up for an adventure. And, as I get older, I feel an urgency to do things now rather than later. Ken is a planner and likes to think things through. I'm ready to throw some gas in the car, grab a bag and go.

When we first got together, Ken's children were young and we spent many of our weekends camping and exploring. But over the years, life got busy, kids grew up and camping trips became few and far between. We talked about it now and then, but had gotten into a bit of a rut and the thought of hauling everything out and loading up seemed like too much of a chore. So we stayed home.

That is until this weekend when my sweet husband took me on an adventure to the prettiest little campground between Waldport and Alsea.

Our tent site.
Blackberry Campground was amazing. Clean, green and with a river running through it, it was the perfect place to jump back into our camping adventures.

Our home for the night was a dome tent that we had bought several years ago. Just the right size for Ken and I and the two Schnauzers. Add an air mattress and a pile of sleeping bags and it was a cozy retreat.

The best part of any camping trip is the campfire and we very much enjoyed sitting around it and just talking. And the camp coffee and bacon and eggs in the morning were amazing. (Thank you husband!)

It was the perfect way to celebrate our 11th year of marriage. No TV or computer to keep us from visiting with each other. Just a beautiful setting, quiet walks with the dogs, card games and conversation. There is something to be said for simple joys. Looking forward to another year of them with my much loved husband.

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