Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1944 was a Good Year

69 years ago today, a sweet brown eyed baby girl was born. She was a tiny little thing. So tiny in fact, that she fit snugly in the palm of her father's hand; head resting on his callused fingertips and little rear-end nestled in his palm. By all accounts, she shouldn't have survived. Medicine in 1944 wasn't anything like it is now and babies that small seldom survived. And the fact that she not only survived but thrived, was a testament to the woman she would become.

Seems that her rough start in life has served her well and being a survivor runs deep in her soul. When life has been a trial, she has faced each hardship with dogged determination and held it all together for those around her when I'm sure she would have liked to have fallen apart herself. Never one to take center stage, she's the one working quietly in the background; the glue that keeps it all together with grace, a sliced ham and a big pan of funeral potatoes.

In her 69 years she has comforted those in need, sat with loved ones as they have taken their last breath and offered a laugh and a "buck up" when things seem to be a little too much to take. She's raised four children (who at times might not have been the easiest to love) into four kind, hardworking adults each with a sense of humor and the same "get in and get it done" attitude that was instilled in her. And those four have in turn, raised a pile of kids with much the same attributes.

Not only is she my Mom, but she's my friend and an amazing woman. She makes me laugh at her made up words and phone conversations with her leave me wanting to write a book of "Things my Mother Said" just so others can laugh like I do.

Today, on the day of her birth, I just want her to know how much I love her and how loved she is by all of her children and grandchildren. And I want to thank her for teaching all of us how to face adversity with faith and keep on keeping on.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you very much and I'm looking forward to our adventures together in the years to come.

Your Daughter

Anniversary Camping

Our 11th anniversary was this weekend. In some ways it seems like we just married and in others, it's like there was never a life without my husband/friend in it.

Over the years, we've relaxed into that comfortable old pair of jeans feeling with each other. We have our routines and, for the most part, we work like a well oiled machine. My husband is a creature of habit and likes life this way. Same things at the same time in the same way. I'm a little different. I do like my routines, but I'm generally up for an adventure. And, as I get older, I feel an urgency to do things now rather than later. Ken is a planner and likes to think things through. I'm ready to throw some gas in the car, grab a bag and go.

When we first got together, Ken's children were young and we spent many of our weekends camping and exploring. But over the years, life got busy, kids grew up and camping trips became few and far between. We talked about it now and then, but had gotten into a bit of a rut and the thought of hauling everything out and loading up seemed like too much of a chore. So we stayed home.

That is until this weekend when my sweet husband took me on an adventure to the prettiest little campground between Waldport and Alsea.

Our tent site.
Blackberry Campground was amazing. Clean, green and with a river running through it, it was the perfect place to jump back into our camping adventures.

Our home for the night was a dome tent that we had bought several years ago. Just the right size for Ken and I and the two Schnauzers. Add an air mattress and a pile of sleeping bags and it was a cozy retreat.

The best part of any camping trip is the campfire and we very much enjoyed sitting around it and just talking. And the camp coffee and bacon and eggs in the morning were amazing. (Thank you husband!)

It was the perfect way to celebrate our 11th year of marriage. No TV or computer to keep us from visiting with each other. Just a beautiful setting, quiet walks with the dogs, card games and conversation. There is something to be said for simple joys. Looking forward to another year of them with my much loved husband.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Me Happy...

I've always thought of our home as my haven. A place to unwind, rewind and just be at peace. Over the years I've added a few things  to make it even more of a happy place. A rose here and there, some sweet bush, flowering Spring bulbs. This year, I've found myself adding splashes of one of my favorite colors on many things. I love the way it compliments all my beautiful flowers.

The little bench that Ken built me looks so sweet with its coat of bright turquoise paint all tucked in next to the blossoming Weigilia...

See that big pot tucked in behind the bench? I painted it a great shade of bright green and now it's just waiting to be filled. I'm thinking something with a touch of orange. Has to be a shade plant of some sort since it's tucked behind the bench and under the blueberry shrubs, so I'm still looking. Any suggestions?

The roses that I planted on each side of the front porch are blooming like crazy and this year are even bigger than in years past...

Makes sitting on the front porch on a warm evening an especially fragrant  event.

On Mother's Day, I woke up and glanced out our french door to see what the weather was doing. I'm practically blind, but even without my glasses, I could see the bright blue of my new chairs...

Talk about a squeal of delight when I looked out and found not one, but 4 of the vivid turquoise chairs that I had wanted so badly. My sweet husband had snuck them home, hidden them in the garage for a few days and then got up at day break (in stealth mode I'm sure though I'm not sure how with 2 noisy little dogs on his heels) to set them around the fire pit so they would be the first thing that I saw when I woke up in the morning. Have I mentioned how much I truly love that boy?

All these bright punches of my favorite color make me smile. Funny how something as simple as a color can do that. How about you? What are you adding to your garden this year?

Wishing you bright happy colors this lovely May morning,

Monday, May 20, 2013

Where did April Go???

I have this goal of posting at least 5 blog posts a month. Boy, did I fail miserably in April. And not doing so hot for May either. I got so caught up in working in the yard, a couple of landmark birthdays (my 50th and my daughters 30th) and just day to day life things, that April flew by without a single post.

So, in an effort to make sure I don't do that again, unless I have a VERY good reason, I've spent some time cleaning (ok, finding) my bedroom desk and setting up my laptop so I have no reason to be a blog slacker. It's funny how I can have an amazing little studio upstairs yet at times feel like it's too far to go just to blog. I think this little desk in the corner of my bedroom, overlooking the west side of our house is going to be just perfect. Not so far away that I feel like I'm completely removed from my much loved husband, but far enough away that the screaming engines of the NASCAR race won't disturb my flow.

I found this little writing desk a few years ago when I decided to downsize and move my business into another one. I went from a storefront of my own to a very small space. I wanted to keep the feel of The Wren's Nest and still be able to operate and take care of paperwork. Since there wasn't a backroom to hide my paper piles, this desk was perfect. Small enough for a corner but with a front that folded down to provide room for my laptop and a place to hide all the tablets, pens, envelopes and other things that a good desk should be stocked with.

When I bought it, it was painted white. I, of course, had to paint it black. I'm think I'm finally getting over my "black phase" where everything I brought home got a coat of black. I thought Ken was going to fall over in a dead faint when I said "You know, I think I'll paint that bench turquoise..."

So, back to blogging. I've got so many things to share. Spring is in full force here, the flowers are blooming beautifully, and there are summer adventures in the works. Can't wait to tell you all about it.

And can I just say.....I've missed you! Hoping all is well in your world,

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