Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Daffodil Drive

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned in the past that the daffodil is probably my most favorite flower. Just something so happy about their bright yellow faces in the spring garden. So, can you imagine how excited I was when I heard that there was an entire festival dedicated to this little flower and that, for once, I was actually not working the 3rd weekend in March and could take it in? Pretty much beside myself with joy.

I called my son Jake and asked him if he wanted to go to a flea market with me. Ok, I admit that I might have fibbed a bit to get him to go. If I had said "Flower Festival" I'm sure he would have been busy that weekend. But flea market was do-able for him. So we headed to Junction City bright and early Saturday morning. By the time Jake saw the Daffodil Festival sign, we had already driven quite a way and it would have been foolish to turn around and go back. It was a little touch and go there for a moment and I was afraid he was going to turn the car around and go home, but he calmed down and gave in. I suppose I should have felt bad for deceiving him and his friend Cora just to get someone to go with me. But I don't. He says I scammed him. Seems to me that scammed is a little harsh. Creative coercing maybe. Hey, a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do.

It was a beautiful drive out to Long Tom Grange. The trees and Spring flowers were in full bloom in the city proper...

...and all along the way there were beautiful waves of this lovely flower...


The Grange was situated in a beautiful little valley. Even the parking lot (well field actually) had a view of its own...

There were daffodils everywhere, happy people taking it all in, and all of the things that you would expect from a festival in the country...


There was even big daffodil mural that you could poke your face through for a photo-op. I really thought I could talk Jake into getting a picture with me, but no. And since he was driving, had the keys to the car and could run faster than me, I decided I had better not push it.

We wandered through the booths of fudge, woodworking, baked goods and hand-crafts and then came across this....

...just one of the most creative and beautifully arranged displays that I've seen in a long time. My picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice. It was like eye candy. Jan Bergquist of Kopper Krush not only has a flair for display, but her hand-forged metal art jewelry was amazing. Each one a work of wearable art. I LOVED everything in her booth and I would have loved to have bought several of her pieces, but settled on a pair of pretty little copper flower earrings. I love the rich warm tone of the copper mixed with the silver. And they make a pretty little sound when I move. They're happy reminder of a wonderful day spent with the flowers I love, the most patient son ever and his forgiving friend Cora and her little girl Teagyn.

In my world, it was a perfect way to spend a spring day!


  1. ok I so want some of this jewelry.....I went to etsy but didn't see anything? help me out cuz ;-)

    1. I think that she's been so busy doing things for her booth that there hasn't been time for Etsy. You can contact her at kopperkrush@yahoo.com. Beautiful things aren't they?!

  2. oh and so wish I lived closer....I would have killed to go with you, so cool!

    1. We would have had a blast! And Jake would have been relived to have you take me off his hands!


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