Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cheap and Easy Wall Trellis

Last year, as a birthday gift to me, my husband took me on a drive around the Eugene/Springfield area to several Nurseries. Since my birthday is in February, it was way too early to really buy anything to plant, but I did get a few seeds and we found a nursery that I had heard about for several years but never visited. Most awesome little place ever. It's called the Little Red Farm Nursery. We just happened to be there on the first weekend that they were open for the season and much of the stock that they had left over from the year before was on sale to make room for new things coming in. I could have stayed there all day. The place just makes you feel good. And the owners were so nice and helpful. At one point in a conversation with Gayle, one of the owners, we discovered that she had been in my shop, The Wren's Nest, on one of her trips to the coast. Such a small world. I bought a couple of  bright green leafed coral bells and as I was checking out, I mentioned in passing that I was looking for some hops. Gayle disappeared behind a building and came back a few minutes later with two pots of dirt that she thought were hops, but wasn't sure. And she just gave them to me. Refused to let me pay for them. Well, I took them home and planted them and about a month later sure enough, hops! And beautiful ones at that.

I planted them at the corners of the garage where they could climb up and around the patio. Last year's trellis solution was some heavy garden twine wrapped around a nail...

Not the best solution, but for the first season, it worked. This year I knew that I wanted something sturdy and permanent, but still cost effective (ok cheap) and pretty. Time to think outside the box.

Remember the flower garden edging that our grandmothers used to use? It was just this gray wire fence about 12 inches tall. I looked everywhere for some used, rusty, worn rolls of it. You would think that it would be an easy thing to find. Nope. Not even on Ebay. But my son Jake and I stopped in at Lowe's and found this great, plastic coated white wire fence similar to what grandma had...

So excited. The roll was 20 feet long and under $9. I couldn't wait to get it home and installed. I enlisted the help of my handsome carpenter and we set to work. Or rather he did. (Hey, someone has to take the photos...)

Ken used small galvanized fencing staples to tack it to the wall here and there and a pair of wire cutters to cut it to length. Just enough of it to do both sides of the garage. Yes, I know that it's suppose to be fencing and you're suppose to put it along the edge of the garden. But tell me that you don't think that this is the cutest little lacy trellis that you've ever seen...

Even the hops are excited to get tall enough to climb it.

I'm really happy with not only the great price, but that it looks even better than I imagined. I can't wait to show you how it looks when the hops start to grow up it.

It's still pretty early in the season, but I hope to get over to the Little Red Farm Nursery in the next few weeks and see what they've got going on. Check them out. Trust me, you'll be happy you did!

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  1. That's a genius idea! Thank you SO much for sharing, Wren!


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