Sunday, February 24, 2013

Diggin Dirt

What an awesome Sunday. The weatherman said we were suppose to get some nasty weather and we did get some off and on on Saturday, but today was beautiful. It was a little too chilly to be out this morning which was just fine with me. Gave me a chance to take a good cup of coffee up into the studio and work on another one of my "50 Things in my 50th Year" list; write an e-book. I've been writing on it for a while now and I'm happy with the way it's coming together. Can't wait to share it with all of you.

I worked  upstairs most of the morning but I kept looking out the window and seeing the sun touching the trees and I just had to get out in the dirt. I'm so glad I did. Signs of Spring were everywhere. The buds on the lilac are swelling...

 ...and I could see that another warm day or two and the flowering crab and cherry will be dressed in beautiful spring blossoms.

Even the little daffodils and hyacinth are pushing up through the dirt in the patio planters...


I have a plumb tree right out the living room window that is generally the one that blooms first. It's always my indication that Spring has officially arrived. And it always catches me by surprise. I'll be going along, rushing out the door to work, coming home late and then all of the sudden I'll look out the window and there it is; my lovely plumb tree covered in pink masses of delicate blossoms.

My yard in February sometimes overwhelms me. I look around at all that needs to be done and get to thinking that I need to do it all. And do it all right NOW. I'm trying to lighten up and stop doing that. So, today I concentrated on cleaning out the planter along the drive way. It's a 40' section that has two tiers of planting area. The top row has always had roses in it and the bottom was filled with sweet strawberries that the slugs just loved. I decided that this year I would use that area to its fullest potential and do some square foot gardening. The entire area gets really good sun so things should grow very well there.

It took me a while to work the soil and get rid of all the blackberry vines that were taking over. It felt so good with the sun on my back and the smell of fresh turned soil. The time I spend out in the dirt is like a  meditation to me. It's so calming to hear the birds in the trees, breathe the crisp air and turn the soil as I envision the wonderful variety of fresh veggies I'm going to grow. The memory of the rich flavor of a warm tomato, fresh from my Grandmother's garden makes me excited to do the labor it takes to grow my own. Nothing like digging a little dirt to put your mind at ease and ground you. Makes it easier to face the coming week and all that it holds.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,

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