Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Camp Trailers

I (along with a few of my other friends) find myself suddenly obsessed with vintage camp trailers. I have an entire Pintrest board dedicated to them. I pour over Craigslist looking for them. I dream of having my own one day that I can renovate into my little haven on wheels that I can take out on a weekend, leave the cell phones and TV behind, and just relax. I can see Ken and I having early morning coffee at the little table and then taking the dogs out for a walk around the a lake we just happen to be camped near. I'm a firm believer in visualization and manifesting what I really want and I just KNOW that one day I'm going to be the proud owner of my own little vintage trailer.

But there are several other things in our life right now that take priority, so my camper dreams are just that at the moment; dreams. That's ok though because it gives me time to collect pictures and plan and live vicariously through those that have found their little traveling cottages. One group of women that I come across quite often in my internet searches are Sisters on the Fly. This is one group of women who know how to have a great time, and I was excited to hear that a few on them were going to be in Eugene today at the home show. My sweet husband was good enough to drive me an hour one way just so I could check out the show with its organic gardeners, compost booths, creative chicken coops and 3 of the coolest little campers ever...


There were too many people to get any really good pictures, but seeing these three little cozy campers have made me want one even more. And sooner rather than later.

It was a beautiful drive home and such a good day spent with my much loved (and patient) husband. Any man that will drive me several miles just to see some old camp trailers, take me by the fabric store so I could "just look" and then sit patiently while I did a Walmart run through is most certainly a keeper. And, whether he likes it or not, I'm keeping him!

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