Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Little Daffodils

There are so many good and beautiful things about the amount of rain that we get here in Western Oregon. Thanks to the nourishing rains, I'm blessed to live in an area that is forever green. Even in the winter when the trees have lost their leaves, there is still the beautiful green of the moss and ferns.

The downside is that January can turn into one of the most soggy, drab, depressing months ever. The holidays are over so there isn't that distraction and it seems that all there is is wind, rain and mud. Gray skies. Or black. Just blah. But then, just when I think I can't stand another day, the Universe gives me daffodils. Beautiful, yellow, happy little daffodils... favorite flower. My grandmother loved them and so does my Dad. I think warm thoughts of both of them when I see this little flower faces. Life just seems to be a little brighter and the rain a little easier to take with the daffodil's promise of Spring and sunshine to follow.

Wishing you a bright spot in a drab, wet (well here on the Oregon Coast anyway) day!

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