Sunday, October 28, 2012

And Now Back to the Show!

Wow. It's October. Not just October, but the end of October. I can't believe that it's been since the middle of August since I've blogged. Almost 2 and a half months have passed in the blink of an eye. Amazing.

Life has been busy the last few months. My youngest son Jake moved in with us while he gets ready to go to school and that's been an adjustment not only for Ken and I but for Jake as well. It turns out that Jake is a neat freak and his mother's cluttered little cottage was a bit much for him to take. It's like our roles have been reversed. My son is the harried parent who can't understand why his parents can't pick up after they make a mess or rinse a glass and Ken and I are the carefree teens who can't see what the big deal is about leaving an empty coffee cup on the counter or waiting till the next day to do laundry or dishes. We're getting it together though. In the time that Jake has been here, we've managed to work through several rooms, empty boxes and sort through stuff that I should have gotten rid of long ago. Our house is starting to feel like a home again and not a storage unit.

The process was painful when we first started. I have such a hard time getting rid of things. I have this creative mind that sees potential in every odd piece of junk. The problem comes when I don't have the time to put those things to use or they get lost under piles of other "useful" things. So we've sorted, donated and yes, tossed. And, wonder of all wonders, I haven't missed those things and the world didn't come to an end when I threw out the pile of Martha Stewart magazines that I've kept for several years.

This time away from my blog has been one of change and growth and now I feel like I'm ready to get back to what I love and enjoy being creative again. I would have never thought that getting rid of things would actually increase my creativity and not block it but it has. A huge revelation to me!

It feels good to be back here. Hope all is well in your world and you're embracing this cool fall weather like I am.

Wishing you much Love and Laughter,

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