Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday's Score

Little by little, Ken and I have been working to fix things around our home and do some renovation on a shoestring. I'm pretty sure that Ken wishes we were done. We're getting there.

Our next project is our bathroom. When we first moved into the house is was awful. Really awful. You couldn't take a bath without chunks of the rotten wall floating in your bathwater. The temporary solution was to get one of those totally ugly (but functional!) plastic shower surrounds. That was over 10 years ago, before I learned that my concept of temporary and my husband's are two entirely different things. To make matters worse, the tub is tiny and pink (yes, pink) and I made a BIG decor mistake and insisted on painting the wainscot black. Still can't believe I did that. Talk about making an already small room feel  like a cave.

So, it was way past time to fix it. I've talked about it for a while now and created an entire Pinterest board dedicated to bathroom ideas. This one is one of my favorite pins and my inspiration photo...

I love to see the way people look at me like I'm nuts when I tell then that I'm putting galvanized tin in as a shower surround. I'm in love with the way it looks.

Every time I would bring up the bathroom fix, I could feel Ken's hesitation so it kept being put on a back burner. But when my son Jake moved in a few months ago, he got me excited about it again and ready to get it going. And it helped that he went in and started stripping the wallpaper officially starting the remodel.


What a mess stripping wallpaper makes! We keep tracking it all over the place. That's the problem with remodels, they make a bigger mess before they get better. Don't you just love the layers that show up when you start stripping things down? I'm forever amazed at the colors that people paint things.

Jake and I have been searching for a while now for pieces and parts for the remodel. I knew that I wanted to use an old dresser for the vanity. And we also knew that we wanted a bigger tub. In white, thank you, NOT pink. We've been to all the thrift stores and spent quite a bit of time on Craiglist, but nothing was catching my eye, or when it did it was way out of my price league. Shoestring budget remember? Then, this morning my husband asked me if I wanted to ride to Eugene and look at Bring Recycling. We love it there. Never know what you might find.

We were totally pumped at the tub we came across. It's 6' long, wider and deeper than the one we have. And the best part? It's WHITE! I swear it looks brand new. A new tub like this would have cost us around $650. We actually got it for $65! And the sink that would have cost us $45 new, was an affordable $15.

 I couldn't believe our luck. It was about to get even better. I happened to have my Ipad with me and was shopping Craigslist  while I waited for Ken to come out of the hardware store. Just as we were leaving the parking lot to head home, the page refreshed and there it was. The perfect dresser posted 38 minutes earlier. And only $20. I couldn't dial the phone fast enough. Score again!

I love the little details and the glass knobs. It's going to look great in the bathroom. I still can't get over our Sunday Score. We have some big plans for the area and some odd ideas, but we can't wait to see how it all comes together and share it with all of you. Watch for progress photos over the next few weeks and keep your fingers crossed that Ken and Jake and I can survive this last big remodel step without yelling at each other...too much!

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  1. I.Love.Galvanized.Tin!!!!! Can't wait to see how the bathroom turns out.


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