Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Table Settings

I love to have people over to the house just so I have an excuse to set a pretty table. I mean, let's be honest here. After 10 years of marriage, no kids at home and both of us working full time jobs, our table settings have come to consist of a plate, a paper towel and a fork. On a TV tray. In front of the TV. Nothing really thrilling or challenging let alone pretty about any of that.

But last weekend, I had a few friends over for a nice fall lunch. Even though it was just lunch, I really wanted them to walk in and feel like it was something special. Our home is very small, only about 1200 square feet, so I don't have the room to store dishes for every season/holiday. Not that I wouldn't love to be able to do that. Some women go nuts over handbags and shoes. I'm a total dish nut. But, since I'm on my 'make do for less' kick, I started looking through the dishes I already had. I found these luncheon sets that my mother-in-law had given me a few months back.

My father-in-law had gotten them on an auction and she decided that she didn't like them. I wasn't sure that I did either, and was going to donate them. So glad I didn't!

The plates are a clear amber color and I wanted to amp it up a bit, so I headed to my local Dollar Store and got these gold Chargers and paper fall leaves...

Guess how much they were? A Dollar. No kidding! Not only that, but my son and I just saw the same exact thing at Fred Meyer for $3 each. Did we score or what?!

Several years ago I found this awesome cabbage set at a yard sale for $5. I loved that it was white so I could use it with anything. The leaf dishes were perfect for the salad I wanted to serve.

 I needed a little dish for my soup so it was the Dollar Store again for these little dishes... even better deal at 3 or $1!

I added a few more things that I had here at home to complete my setting. Some white leaf serving dishes, a burlap runner sewn from scraps, some Dollar Store goblets in a great fall green color...

...and a few other things like some vintage white napkins from my stash and my grandma's silverware that I love so much.

I took this collection and started arranging. Burlap runner down the center of the table and at each setting this little stack of dishes:

1. Gold Charger
2. Paper leaves
3. Amber luncheon plate
4. White leaf salad dish
5. Clear small soup dish

Topped that all off with a sweet favor of brown sugar shortbread cookies tied with a bow and tag. Off to the side I tied the silverware in the white napkin with some fall colored velvet ribbon, and there you have it. A setting that looks like it came out of House Beautiful. I think even Martha would approve....

I love the way the colors look together and the nice contrast between the rustic burlap and the crisp white linen. The part I love the most though is the fact that this beautiful setting that looks like a million bucks cost me under $3 each since I used much of what I already had. The entire setting for as much as the single charger was at the department store! 

Just wait till you see my Christmas setting. $2 so far and BEAUTIFUL!

Wishing you a bountiful Harvest and a beautiful table filled with love,

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  1. Very impressive! Your tableware is beautiful and I love all of the things you did with your table. Really nice!


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