Friday, July 13, 2012

Where There's Fire...

Ken and I celebrated our 10th anniversary the end of May. Ken's folks, Chris and Mary, gave us a beautiful card and a check so that we could go out to dinner and celebrate. Now I for one, like to go out to dinner. Love to have someone else cook and clean up. Ken on the other hand? Not so much. He's homebody and would rather have a home cooked meal (and with any luck his next wife will do that for So we came up with a perfect solution. The check was for dinner out, so we decided to think outside the box and spend the money on something that would last us more than one dinner out and be a nice reminder of our 10th.

Ken went out early one Saturday  morning and started cutting blackberries, clearing an area and getting things level.

Then he started laying down the landscape stone and working on the layers. Where was I you ask? Well someone had to hang out the bedroom door and take pictures...

A good days work and we ended up with this cool fire pit that will be something we can enjoy for years to come. We still need to haul some gravel in and make some kind of cool benches to go around the pit for when we have company, but we love it.

This last weekend we finally got to break it in right and had 'date night'. Ken brought home hotdogs and buns and I got a bag of marshmallows. And my husband did a very romantic thing for me....

He whittled me my very own hotdog stick. My hero. It was such a great evening out by the fire. No cell phones, no computers or TV, just Ken and I sitting side by side eating hotdogs and just being happy. Looking forward to doing it again this weekend. Sometimes it's little things like a fire pit that can bring a couple closer together and rekindle that 'spark'. (I know, corny...)


  1. neat......except in my world rekindling a spark might constitute me throwing a match on my darling hubby! ;-)

    1. Ha! Ha! You crack me up. I hope that boy knew what he was getting into when he married YOU!


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