Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Dinner

It's been a good weekend. My Mom came to visit on Friday for a few days. She lives about 7 hours from here so we don't get to see each other often. I think I managed to get home twice this year but both trips were short and filled with trying to fit everything in. This visit has been nice and easy. We took a quick road trip to Eugene on Saturday to visit my niece Faith for a bit. She works at Soup Nation and we had the best lunch there. Mom had the croissant with turkey and bacon and provolone and I had the Coconut, Ginger, Carrot soup. So good. Should have taken pictures but it was gone too fast!

Since Mom was here, we invited Ken's folks out for dinner. Sunday dinner used to be a big thing. Best family meal of the week. Seems like, with our fast food attitude, we've gotten away from it. Sunday dinner was more than just grabbing something to eat. It was coming together, having conversation in the kitchen as the food was prepared, setting the table with real table settings and then sitting together as a family to visit and enjoy a home cooked meal. Even the clean up after was a time of conversation and catching up.

I bought a great roaster this weekend and we filled it with a good roast, potatoes, onion and carrots and let it cook all day. A few sprigs of rosemary really made for an amazing smell...

When we did dinner at grandma's, someone was assigned to get the dishes out of the china cabinet and set the table. I loved being the one to do that job. Her china cabinet was something that you didn't really get into unless you were told to. It was filled with all kinds of treasures; salt and pepper shakes of all shapes and sizes, opium bottles dug out of the flower beds left from China town that used to be in that area, Cracker Jack prizes that we had gotten. We used that china quite often and I'm amazed at the number of pieces that still remain with a bunch of rowdy grandkids helping with the table. It made me feel good to get it out and use it and, as I set each place, my heart was filled with wonderful memories of dinners past.


It was a simple meal very reminiscent of what grandma used to serve. Fruit, green salad, roast with veggies, rolls, and a mouthwatering blackberry cobbler that Ken whipped up for dessert. So good. But simple didn't mean it wasn't special. Conversation was good and, like in my childhood, covered a wide range of topics.

Speaking of simple, my Mother-in-law taught us a new easy way to do corn. Leave it in the husk, pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes per ear. Pull it out, cut off the bottom and peel. The silks come right off and the corn is so good and sweet after steaming in its own juice. I'll never cook corn in boiling water again!

It's really been nice to have my Mom here. We have one more day before her and her little dog Miley have to head home. Today we'll do the beach. It will probably be next Spring before we get to see each other face to face again, so I want to get as much "Mom time" in as I can. I'll miss her and her little fluffy baby...

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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