Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Double Birthday

When Ken and I married we brought 5 children into one family. I had married young so my kids were older. Ken waited to marry so his kids were only 5 and 9 when we got together. I'll never forget the first time we were introduced. I drove to meet them one weekend at Sahalie Falls, and as I pulled into the parking lot, there stood my handsome soon to be husband and two dark haired, brown eyed little kids.

They were so cute and full of energy. They spent the entire day telling me "deep dark secrets" that they thought I should know about their father if I was going to date him. According to Chelsea, he had Barbie sheets on his bed and slept with a Barbie night light. Chase whispered to me (with those big brown eyes full of mischief ) that under the hat his dad was wearing there wasn't any hair. I pretended to be totally shocked by the whole thing.

Chase and Chelsea were born on the same day 4 years apart. Over the years we've celebrated their birthdays together, but Chelsea has been in Japan for a few years now so this year we only had Chase out to the house.

It's hard to believe so much time has passed and that 5 year old is now 17. Chase just recently got his first job as a courtesy clerk at a local grocery store. The little kid that couldn't tie his shoes when I met him is now a tall strapping young man with big plans for his future. We're really proud of him. We invited Grandpa Chris and Grandma Mary out for a dinner of pulled pork, corn on the cob, coleslaw and potato salad.


 My husband has this tradition of wrapping his kids gifts on his own. This year he out did himself...

...layer upon layer of paper, tape, plastic bags. Just about the time Chase thought he was finally getting to the gift, there would be another layer. We all got a good laugh at that. Grandma Mary gave Chase one of her special handmade cards...

It was a great afternoon spent in celebration with family in honor of Chase's birthday.

Since Chelsea joined the Navy almost 3 years ago, birthdays have consisted of a card and a gift card of some sort. Since this was her 21st birthday we wanted to do something a little more. Problem is, since she's often on the ship and can't really haul a bunch of stuff around, gift giving can be a bit tricky. So, we decided to do a Birthday in a Box. We collected all kinds of things and wrapped and numbered them.

First was a birthday banner, next a tiara and some birthday glasses then some silly string and party favors. Package #8 held a microwavable cake, #9 a singing birthday candle and #10 was her actual gift...

...a beautiful sterling silver bracelet from Toby and Max . I love this line of jewelry and have a few pieces that really mean something to me. Ken poured over all the available quotes and settled on the one that he thought was perfect for our adventurous daughter. On the outside it reads "Go Confidently" and inside "in the direction of your dreams..." Chelsea has done just that. She went from living in a small town to an amazing adventure with the Navy. I love to see the pictures that she posts of all the places she is getting to see. She's always been a go getter...

 Every time I want to do something that's a little out of my comfort zone I think of Chelsea and her fearless attitude. Keeps me pushing my limits.

Happy Birthday Chase and Chelsea. Dad and I are proud of the young adults that you've grown into and look forward to seeing where your lives take you. We love you both very much.

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