Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scrapbook Paper Walls

Several months ago I found a wall treatment that I fell in love with on Pinterest. They had used beautiful scrapbook papers to cover an accent wall. I thought it would be perfect for my home studio and boy is it ever. Can't tell you how excited I was when the project got far enough that I could paper my wall. And I LOVE it. Looks so cool.

The walls in the room we're making the studio/office were a bit of a mess. Since we're on a quest to use up what we have or make do, I needed a way to cover up a bad wall. So I gathered my scrapbook paper books, glue stick and scissors and spent the afternoon happily cutting and pasting. Such an easy project and there is no "wrong" way to put your papers up. A foolproof DIY if there ever was one.

What you'll need:

3-4 Glue sticks (depends on the size of your wall. I get mine at the $1 store)
A variety of 12x12 scrapbook papers. (I had three books to pull from in colors and prints that I loved.)

Before you start gluing, make sure and wipe any dust from your wall and fill any holes. The great thing about this wall treatment is that it hides a ton of flaws. I cleared a spot on the floor in front of my wall so I could lay out my papers and get an idea of how I wanted to put them. It's good to do a dry run so you can make sure that you're mixing lights with darks. (Speaking from experience here.) It's also good to draw a straight reference line on your wall just to get you started and give you an edge to work from so things stay fairly straight. Take your first piece of paper, use your glue stick and run some glue around the back edge, make a big glue "X" in the center back and slap it on the wall. Really, it's that easy.

After I got the base papers glued, I went back and added smaller accent pieces here and there in odd places just to break it up a bit. And there were little floral accents that I cut out of other papers and glued on top of the whole thing.


There were a few papers that had some glitter accents in places and I love how every once in a while the light catches the wall just right and  gives a happy little surprise.

The paper on the wall really made the space special and makes me happy just looking at it. Initially I had dug out a bucket of wallpaper paste thinking I would use that, but since it was my first time doing a wall this way and I wasn't sure it would work, glue stick was a little less permanent and easier to tear off if I really hated it. I like the idea of adding to it now and then. I can just see a Chinese fortune, a vintage postcard. Could even add a pretty button here and there. So easy to personalize for your own space.

So, it was a super cheap, make do solution to a problem that turned out even better than I hoped. Don't you just love it when that happens?!


  1. I love the wall! What a great use of paper. You could even print some pictures of those cute grandkids in black & white to paste up.

  2. The wall is adorable!! What a great idea. We appreciate you linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you'll come back soon! -The Sisters

    1. Thank you! And actually, I drop by your blog a few times a week. Love the things you all do...


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