Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Mans Trash, Is My New Desk!

I had decided a while back to become a more responsible thrifter. And by that I mean that I had a stern talk with myself that went something like "You are NOT to go to another thrift store or drag one more thing home until you deal with the things you've already brought home!" I decided that I needed to step back for a bit and only buy things that I need, and leave the wants for a while. And I've stuck to it pretty good for the most part. Of course there were those days were I was just sure that I was missing something amazing and before I knew it I would be wandering the aisles of Goodwill or doing a drive by at St. Vinnies. But I really did manage to go look and not buy.

But the other day, with lunch hour time to kill, I happened to drive by Goodwill and sitting there, waiting to go the the dump (are you kidding me?!) were two PERFECT nightstands. Now when I say perfect, I don't mean they were in pristine condition. In fact, there were a bit of a mess. Missing veneer, water damage, drawers falling apart. But they were absolutely perfect for what I needed. So, naturally, I hauled them home. (How could I not?)

Speaking of hauling. In my dream life I have this awesome panel van (vintage of course) painted with some wonderful floral tattoo design and something clever like "Wild Wren" in script on the drivers side door so everyone would know it was me. But in my real life, I drive a Pontiac Vibe. It's a smaller car but you would be amazed at what I can get in there. Like huge nightstands...


It's probably a good thing I don't have a van!

So back to the nightstands... I'm not so sure that Ken thought they were good for much when he hauled them upstairs for me. But he's learned to just go with it. (Not that there isn't a snarky comment now and then.) I gave each of the pieces a good coat of primer and then used some leftover paint in my favorite blue/green color. I had no idea what to use for a top and didn't want to buy anything, so it had to be something we had around the house. Ken found parts to an old cabinet that was headed for the dump and it turns out that the sides pieces were perfect. A little sawing, a few screws, some leftover paint and this...

...became this...

I love the way it wraps around the corner. With the attic ceiling, it's hard to use the area close to the short wall and this desk works just perfect there. And the deep drawers give me a ton of storage for all of my supplies. The only thing missing is the perfect desk chair. Hmmmmm.....might have to run by the Flea Market this weekend. Not because I want to, you know. But because I need to...


  1. Looks great, would love it if you shared it at my furniture party

  2. Thanks for the invite Monica! Heading to your party now!

  3. Aww that's too funny, and you're just like me. I had a Mitsubishi Mirage that brought home a large business desk which houses like EVERYTHING including my computer, a long bookshelf for too many books, and 2 rolling storage shelves. which the 1 shelf contain Bathroom products, and the other shelf contains hubby's Uniform bottoms.

    My Corolla i drive now brought home office swivel chairs, and an antique changing table, which is now my food storage shelf. :)

    I love looking for throw away furniture!!

    1. It's just a fact that any good thrifter wouldn't let a little car slow them down! Makes me laugh to think that there is someone else out there cramming large awesome finds into a tiny car!


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