Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

I've been trying for days now to write this Father's Day post. Fathers Day is a bit of a bitter sweet day for me. I've written and re-written and I'm surprised that this post has been one of my hardest to write. So, I've decided to write it as an open thank you note to the fathers that have brought blessings into my life.

To Troy: Thank your for the gift of our 3 beautiful children. I can't imagine a life without our kids and the grandchildren that they have given all of us. I'm so happy that you've found Sherry and found happiness in your life. Did you ever think that you would be a father to 5, step-father to 2 and grandfather to a huge bunch of grandkids? Life is good isn't it?!

To Clint: You are an amazing son-in-law. I'm so happy that you came into my daughters life and hung on through the tough times. Thank you for being a father to the twins, giving me two of the funniest, sweetest grandsons around and loving my daughter the way you do. I know things haven't been easy, but when I see you with my grandchildren gathered around, my heart fills with love for you. Knowing that you are there taking care of my daughter and grandchildren gives me comfort and eases my worry since I'm not right there.

To my Brother: I hope that your children know just how lucky they are to have a father like you. You're such a fun loving kindhearted soul and there is no doubt in my mind that your kids have been raised content in the knowledge that if they need you, you're right there for them. And even though you tell people I was mean to you (such an over exaggeration), you're still the best little brother around.

To my Son: I am so incredibly proud of you. Just a few years ago you thought that you would never have a family and now here you are father to a sweet baby girl with a little Timmy Jr. on the way. I love the pictures of you and your family and it makes me so happy to see you get to experience the love that being a parent brings. There is nothing like it. I love you son.

To My Husband: Thank you for not running when you found out that not only were you bringing me into your life, but I was a package deal with 3 kids and twin granddaughters. From the very beginning, you have treated my children like your own and been such a good role model. I love to watch you interact with your own children. You're a very good father and there have been times that I wished we could have had a child together. (Of course we have our hairy little schnauzer kid and he looks like you, so it's almost like having a child together!) We all love you very much and on this day I honor you.

To my Father: I hope you know how much I enjoy our visits. I only wish they weren't so few and far between. You make me laugh and feel very loved. I'm often amazed at how much alike we are even though I didn't grow up with you. I'm so glad that you were there for grandma when she needed you most and made her feel loved. I love you very much and hope that this Fathers Day is filled with all the things you love; fish, sunshine and a good beer or two.

And last but not least, in memory of my Dad...

On Father's Day 10 years ago, I was sitting with my husband when he told me to call my Fathers. I was busy and said I would in a bit. He asked me again a little later if I had and I finally got on the phone so he would quit nagging at me. My Dad was jut getting ready to leave for a hike with my sister and her husband. We had a great visit, laughed about the funny card that I had sent him and ended the call the way we always did; "Ok, Love you." "Ok, talk to you later." And that was it. It was the last conversation that I ever had with him. I was glad that Ken nagged me to call sooner than later. Had I waited, that conversation would have never happened. That afternoon the call came from my sister that Dad had died instantly of a massive heart attack. He was gone in a heartbeat and there was nothing that anyone could have done to save him. I can't begin to express the shock our entire family was in. One minute our Dad was hiking along a beautiful ridge, fit and full of life at 59 and the next minute he was gone.

It's a loss that you never get over. And it's made me more aware of just how fragile life can be. I try not to take the time that I have with my loved ones for granted and make sure that I never leave them or say good-bye without telling them that I love them. You just never know if it's going to be the last time. After 10 years, the memory of that phone call is still as clear as if it was yesterday.

Happy Father's Day to all of you. Know that you're loved not only on this special day, but everyday.

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