Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers - Part 2, Daughters & Daughter-in-laws

Motherhood has got to be one of the hardest jobs around. There isn't an instruction manual to be found and if there were a job description that you could read over, well, I'm not too sure many of us would have taken the job. But my daughter and daughter-in-law have both taken to the role of mother like it's a walk in the park. (Ok, maybe sometimes a walk through a Zoo...)

My daughter JoLee became a mother of twins at a very young age. I have to admit  that I acted like a total ass the day the ultrasound revealed not one but two babies. I giggled with glee and told her that now she would get back double what she gave me. I just couldn't help myself. And any mother of a strong willed daughter will know exactly what I mean. But that little girl became an amazing mother. I don't know how she does it. She's now the mother to four very active kids spending time coaching baseball and running them around. She's an awesome mom and just enough kid herself to still know how to have fun with her own kids. A funny thing happens when your daughter becomes a mom. Suddenly they 'get' where you were coming from when they thought you were clueless. And as those twins become teens, I'm sure she'll understand even more :0) It makes me laugh when I hear things come out of her mouth that I had said to her not so many years ago when she was a teen. I laugh even harder when I catch one of the girls rolling their eyes behind her back. I often wonder if my daughter has any idea how she's blessed my life by giving me these four little grand kids to love and just how proud I am to be her mom and see the way that she works through tough times and keeps her family going strong.

My daughter JoLee and her family
A couple of years ago, my oldest son Tim, was going through a hard spot. He was in his late 20's and it didn't look like his life was going anywhere good. It hurt my heart to see him struggling, but I was powerless to do anything. He needed to do it for himself. One day I got a call from him saying that a girl he knew in Alaska had offered to send him a ticket to come up and see her in Skagway. I wanted him to go. He just wasn't sure. He had nothing to lose, but the fear of stepping out of his comfort zone, no matter how bad that zone might be, was keeping him stuck. He had always wanted to be a father, but he told me not too long before that if he didn't have a wife and a baby by the time that he was 30 that it just wasn't going to happen. As a mother, that broke my heart.

But then, something amazing happened. This Alaska girl somehow convinced my son to get on a plane (his first time ever!) by himself and fly to Alaska. He sent me texts and called from each layover and by the time his plane landed in Juneau, he was a changed man. The absolute beauty of Alaska had enchanted him. In less that two years, not only did he have a job and a new wife, but a beautiful baby girl too. I credit my daughter-in-law Dannie for saving my son's life. She was exactly what he needed; a no-nonsense girl that would push him to do things that he wouldn't do on his own. The kids have flown me up to Alaska twice now and I've got to spend time with Dannie and get to know her better. My first visit up I was so worried that she wouldn't like me. Sometimes I think that mother-in-laws get almost as bad a rap as stepmothers. Turns out she was as nervous as I was. Once we got over that initial meeting, we were good to go. She's a crack up. The other day I sent her a picture of me in my new glasses and asked her if they made me look smarter and she said no, since you could still see my face. I'm still laughing about that one. That's the kind of relationship we have. She's comfortable enough with me to give me a bad time. And I love her like one of my own. About a year and a half ago, she gifted me with a beautiful little granddaughter Maycee Renee. And this fall, she's giving me another grand baby. I can't wait. Not only is she an amazing Mom and a good wife to my son, but she's the best daughter-in-law ever.

Dannie and Maycee, my Alaska Girls
These two girls have given me the greatest gift of all; a bunch of bright eyed grand kids to call my own. I know that they struggle with the jobs of being a mother and a wife at times and I'm sure there are days when the whole thing just wears them out and they wonder what they were thinking, but I'm so happy that they decided to do it. My grandchildren are lucky to have them as their moms.

Happy Mothers Day Girls. I love you much!


  1. YESSSS you are blessed !! Love reading your blog!! Happy Mothers Day Wren!!

    1. Thank you Molly! Hope your day is filled with kids and grandkids too!


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