Monday, May 14, 2012

Great Mother's Day

It was such a good Mother's Day this year. My husband gave me a beautiful necklace and the perfect card. And my daughter showed up with the grandchildren, my adopted son Jack and their friend Ashley and her kids. We had a houseful! After a fun day at the ball park watching  the Ducks play baseball, we all crashed back at our place. We live in this great 1928 house that always seems like a nice sized home until you fill it with 3 extra adults and 8 children under the age of 12. When everyone comes home for a visit, the living room floor turns into one huge bed and every piece of furniture that can be slept on holds a body. It's one big noisy happy mess and it just makes me feel content. Best of all, Papa didn't have to climb a tree this time to get a grand kid down and we only had one head wound that luckily didn't require a stitch.

I woke up early this morning, got the coffee going and tried to keep the dog from waking the kids for a bit. It was nice to just sit out on the patio and sip a hot cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning knowing that all the little (and big) kids were snug asleep in the house and I would get to spend a little more time with them before I had to head to work and they all had to go home.

By the time everyone started to wake up I had biscuits in the oven and sausage gravy on the stove. The kitchen was filled with a wonderful smell and happy voices and I couldn't help but think of how much this was like a morning at my Grandma's house when I would spend the night and wake up to wonderful aromas coming out of her kitchen. And then I had to laugh at how I had put my twist on the entire thing. Since I work a full time job and there wasn't much time, the biscuits came out of a can and the gravy out of a couple of packets. Not the 'made from scratch' meal of my Grandma's day. But the feeling was the same. There were good smells, tasty food and such a huge amount of love. And those simple things are the things that great memories are made of.

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