Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

I live in a very beautiful area. Spring is especially amazing around here. I realized a while back that for the past few years I've gone through my life just working along and not really paying attention. And I've decided to make an effort to become aware again. This last Sunday I had a wedding meeting with a young couple. The groom's parents have a home in the woods up the North Fork of the Siuslaw River. The drive up was gorgous. The road takes you though a bit of residential and then off though farmland and a spattering of other homes. There were cows with their spring calves in the fields that reminded me of home. Those sweet little babies frolicking in the fields while their mothers look on just makes a heart happy.

After my meeting I took the back road home. It's this wild beautiful drive over the hill to my home in Mapleton. I forget how much I love it out there. I came around one sharp corner and was moved by the view.

I decided to pull the car over and get out for a stroll. As I was walking up the road, I bit of white caught my eye...

...wild Trilliums. They are always the best indication that Sping is on the way. I got back in my car, headed home and actually felt like I had had a mini-vacation. And it hadn't cost me a thing. It started me on my "road less traveled" kick. From now on, when I can, I'm going to take a few side roads or the long way around. I'm going to explore the places in my area that I've been missing because I've been so caught up in just getting there.

Quick road trip anyone?

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  1. Oh, Wren, you are so inspiring...makes me want to hang on to your skirt-tail! :)


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