Monday, April 9, 2012

Gutter Gardens

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After moaning and groaning about the rain, we finally got a day dry enough to fill the gutters. I know what you're thinking. "Don't most normal people clear the gutters?!" Why yes, yes they do. But we Smart's have never been known to be normal by any stretch of the word. So, we took our gutters, filled them with dirt and seeds and in a little over a month from now we will have.....Gutter Gardens!

We started with 3) 4' sections of galvanized gutter that I had used previously as ribbon racks in my shop (like I said, we don't do things like normal folk) that we screwed to the garage wall.

We had purchased 8' gutter from the hardware store and Ken cut them in half for me. The ends were purchased at the same time and they just snap on. I worried that the dirt might push the ends off so Ken used some waterproof caulk and sealed them.

Then he used a 1/4 drill bit and put a few drain holes here and there in the bottom of the gutter.

 I filled them with soil that we dug from a lower part of our property. Normally I would use Miracle Grow potting soil since I've used it in my planters before with awesome success, but since my goal is to use what I have, then plain old dirt it was.

I had decided to plant things that were not only beautiful, but edible, so I went with a combination of Nasturtiums, Spinach and Mesclun. All wonderful, healthy (not to mention pretty to look at!) salad ingredients.

I can't wait to see them grow. You can bet I'll be out there  every day looking for some green poking through the dirt. My kitchen window looks out at this wall so it's the perfect "wasted space" to use for growing while creating a beautiful view. I have a few old buckets that I'll add to the bench at the base of the gutter garden so I can plant some tomatoes and other good salad things. Won't it be wonderful to just walk out the kitchen door and pick a fresh salad?!


  1. I love this idea! Keep us posted with the results.

    1. Dacia, I think these would be awesome planted with an cool assortment of succulents. Perfect for your AZ heat! I'll come over this weekend and we can put some up and plant them at your house! LOL

  2. Come on over! We are painting the house this weekend, so maybe next week we could plant? LOL


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