Sunday, April 1, 2012

The "Good" Silver

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I have this wonderful box of good silverware that used to be my grandmothers. You knew it was an occasion when she told you to get the "Good Silver" out of the grocery cabinet. As much as I hate to admit it, I wouldn't know 'good' silver from 'silver plate', but I know for a fact that this is Good Silverware, because she labeled it that way....


 ...and it was all wrapped carefully in protective paper towels.

You don't do that for plain old everyday flatware! Just seeing her writing on the box and the way she wrapped it all up makes me smile.

A few months ago, I had invited my friend Cindy Wobbe out for brunch  as a post Christmas gift and a way to say 'Thank You' for the help she had given me as I was closing down my retail shop. I wanted it to be special, so naturally it called for getting out the good silverware. What a tarnished mess. Since I'm not really a 'time to polish the silver' kind of girl (and to be honest, had no desire to spend hours actually polishing silver), I didn't own a bit of silver polish. Then, thanks to the wonderful world of Google, I found a cheap solution that actually worked. And it used things that I already had; glass dish, aluminum foil, baking soda, salt and hot water. And little to no labor. Score!

You just crumple the foil in the bottom of the glass dish, add a few tablespoons of baking soda and salt,

and pour boiling water over the top of all that.


Then add your silver making sure that each piece comes into contact with the foil and is covered by the hot water. And just like magic.... starts to work almost instantly. Take a look at the handle of the spoon where I left it out of the water so you could see the difference...

After a bit of a soak, I took each piece out and rinsed and dried it. I like the way that some of the tarnish remains around the edges of the floral design and really makes it stand out.

This worn cardboard box of silverware is one of my most treasured items and I love it when I can get it out and use it. And now that I've found a lazy way to clean it, we may be using it more often!


  1. This is an awesome short cut. And I agree - you need to be using it and enjoying it, or why have it right? Thanks for sharing.
    home sweet nest

    1. Isn't the the truth Elisa? I'm making more of an effort to pull things out and use them more and not just saving them for 'special'. Every day should be specical!

  2. What a nice keepsake to have, try to use the silverware more often :) here is an additional tip after cleaning and wrappping in paper towels put it in a ziploc bag. The less air that comes in contact with the silver the less it will tarnish. Stop on by for a blog visit!

    1. Thanks for the tip and for stopping by for a blog visit. On my way to check out yours now!

  3. Ahhhh yes.... The "good silver"..... Love your memories Renee!!

  4. Thank you Molly. I love to write about her. Plan on coming home for Easter next week. Decided it was time for a Grant County visit. Been a little homesick!

  5. What a great trick! I will definitely be giving it a try!


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