Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby of Mine.

The saying goes that April showers brings May flowers, but April also brought me a tiny little bundle of joy 27 years ago today. Jonovan Jake was born a month early in the small Eastern Oregon town of John Day. He was so tiny and his lungs weren't quite developed enough. At just a few hours old, he became the first of our family to take a plane ride when they flew him to the children's hospital in Portland.

It still makes my heart wrench when I think that I might have lost this sweet baby. But he was a fighter. I had named him Jonovan after a poet that I liked. But his grandpa snuck down to the neo-natal unit one night and informed the nurses that he would need a tough name to survive and told them to call him by his middle name. So Jake it was, and Jake it has been for a good part of his life.

Since that first rocky start, he's done nothing but grow and thrive. He went from a tiny peanut of a thing wearing Cabbage Patch doll clothes, to a chubby happy little boy with a love for Waldo and Charley McCarthy...

(I'm going to pay for adding this picture!)

 It's hard to believe that that tiny little baby is now a man of 27. He's grown into a funny, witty and beautiful person and I love him very much.

Jake and his sister JoLee
 A few weeks ago he got the hard news that his job of 5 years was ending and that he would have to find a different career. It was a tough break for him, and its forced him to think about stepping out of his comfort zone and taking a different direction. He's a bit scared, but I'm so excited for him. I know he'll do just fine and be amazed at what the Universe has to offer him if he'll just take one small step through the door into the big awesome world.

Today as I think back on the terrifying day 27 years ago, my heart is filled with gratitude that I was allowed to keep this beautiful soul and bring him home to make our family complete.

 Happy Birthday baby Jake. Your Mommy loves you so very much. Here is a little rainbow and a reminder that you are filled with Infinite Potential. 27 is going to be your most amazing year yet.

Love you, Mom

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