Wednesday, March 14, 2012

There's just something about white.

We woke up one morning this week to some excitement. During the night our spring landscape had turned into a winter wonderland. The entire area was covered in thick wet snow and it was so beautiful. And so damaging. We just don't get much snow in this area so when we do, it throws everything off a bit. We live in a rural area surrounded by trees so after our morning coffee, Ken headed out to see if we could get up the road. Nope. The heavy snow knocked down branches and and blocked the drive. Thanks to a good husband and a chainsaw we were able to get up the drive and head to work.

The hour drive to work was beautiful. I forget how much I love the snow and the crisp white of it. And how it sets off all the other colors that I love. So, this morning, a photo blog on the whites around Rosehaven....

As much as I love color and have tons of it around our home, there is just something about that pop of white that feels so refreshing. 

Wishing you a Wednesday filled with joy,

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