Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kitchen Challenge Part III, The Kitchen Sink

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I love old houses. Give me a choice between new construction or a home with some age on it and I would take the old one every time. Seems that they just have a little something that new homes don't. I love the history behind them and the odd things that you find that make you wonder "what in the world ???"

Our home was built in 1928 and is loaded with character. When we first bought it there was funky wallpaper everywhere, much of it with a goose theme. I couldn't strip that fast enough! In the last 10 years our home has gone through several transformations, but we've tried to keep the character of the home intact while adding our own touches here and there.

The kitchen in our home is very small and the sink is one of those one piece units that were so popular in the 50's. It's a metal base with an enamel single sink that has built-in drainboards. It was part of a line called Youngstown Kitchens by Mullins. Very cutting edge in the day. I was sure that I wanted to tear out everything in the kitchen and replace that unit with one of those beautiful white farmhouse sinks with a nice base and a dishwasher. But, other projects came first and the kitchen got put on the back burner. And here it is 10 years later and I've come to love that odd piece.

We did some figuring at one time and it was going to be around $2500 to give me what I thought was my dream kitchen. But my way of thinking has changed in the last few months. I've vowed to cut back and make do and try to live a simpler life. Ken and I went back through the kitchen and came up with a plan to have something beautiful at a fraction of the cost.

This is what we started with ( I REALLY need to find my good camera)...

A few years ago we had stripped the paint off and sealed the raw metal with a clear coat. I liked the way it looked but eventually the sealer failed and we ended up with a rust spotted mess. Not pretty at all.

So, Ken took a sander to it......


And after a few coats of Hammerite Black spray paint she's as good as new. Better than new if you ask me. The picture just doesn't do it justice.  She's old and funky and imperfectly perfect. Just like me.


The final touch was to replace this old tacky faucet that was missing its spray nozzle,

...with this beautiful brushed nickle one.


Can't believe how excited I am over a new faucet! I really am happy with the way it all turned out and O.K. with the fact that we aren't going to put in a dishwasher. There is something calming about putting your hands into a sink of warm water and doing a few dishes. Makes you slow down for a bit and take a breather. And I love to look out my kitchen window at the patio garden when I do. A win/win!

The grand total for Part III of our kitchen renovation? $74
  • Sandpaper $2
  • 2 cans of Hammerite Black Spray Paint @ $6 ea
  • 1 new faucet $60
So, including parts One and Two of our Kitchen Challenge, our grand total for this project so far is $86. Quite a long way from our original quote of $2500!


  1. It's pretty! Way to reuse or recycle stuff around the house. Dacia

  2. I also love old houses because I have one, but they are a lot of work, and it always a big project. A faucet can change the look of a room, and does yours. Such a nice new faucet. Enjoy it, you waited long enough. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.


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