Saturday, March 10, 2012

Galvanized Counter Tops

One of the things I love to do is use things in a way that might not be "typical". Actually, now that I think about it typical  wouldn't really be a word that I would use to describe me. Quirky might be a better description. Defiantly different.

I had been on a mission to find an inexpensive counter top option and had recently become obsessed with galvanized metal - loved it. Was drawn to anything that was galvanized. So I started thinking. Which generally turns into a project for Ken.
Me:  "Hey Hon?"
Ken: "Yes, Darlin?"
Me:  "Can you put galvanized sheet metal on counter tops?"
Ken: (said without even glancing away from the TV) "No, it's really expensive."

Now I might mention that this it his standard answer to things that he really doesn't want to mess with. And it's funny that he thinks it's going to stop me. Wrong. I take it as a personal challenge. You would think after 10 years he would know that. Shortly after our conversation, I went out to meet with a couple about a wedding. As I toured the location, something caught my eye. It was a fish cleaning station made out of, of all things, galvanized sheet metal! The heck with wedding plans and the reason I was there. I wanted to know exactly where the father of the groom got that sheet metal and how much it cost. It's awful I know, but I have no shame when it comes to things like that. By the time I made it home I had a plan. And Ken had a to-do list.

I started with an converted dresser that we use in the kitchen.


It's an old piece that we got on Someone had taken the bottom drawers out, and added some windows from an old barn to the front. It was ratty and peeling, but I coated it with some nice black paint, leaving the original red of the windows. After Ken added the galvanized top, it was perfect.

We found some metal edging strips at the local hardware store to finish it off...

I liked it so much that I talked Ken into making me a counter in the mud room too. It's a great surface to work on, cleans up easily and, as far as price was very reasonable.

On both counters we used a base of 1/2" particle board. I took my measurements to my local sheet metal shop and had them cut the metal to size. The large one in the mud room was less than $40. We used a contact cement to attach the metal to the particle board, used a rolling pin to make sure we had good adhesion and, after it dried for a day, added the trim to the edge.

Don't you just love the way it looks? I sure do! As a side note, check out the new black Bunn coffee maker in the first few photos. It was a gift from my husband after the Battle of the Bunn post. Seems he was just yanking my chain about the whole replacement switch thing. I think it's his little way of getting back at me for all the times I've had an "Idea" that translates into a honey-do for him.

Hope your weekend is wonderful so far,


  1. I heart your counter tops. Someday... SOME. DAY.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Did you happen to notice my Rachel Whetzel original on the counter there? One of my treasured things. Still need to return your others. Sorry I'm such a slacker...

  2. I took a double cabinet covered the sides in bead board (sideways), trimmed the edges in 1 1/2 boards, and painted it four different colors. I want to use galvanized metal for the top but can't find the metal edging strips like you used. Please help! Can you name the hardware store in your area?

    1. We actually looked EVERYWHERE for that stuff! Finally found it at our local Pro Hardware store and bought the last of what they had. It wasn't something that they carried any longer. It came in (I think) 5' strips. I just did a Google search and a few places showed up for "metal counter edge". Good Luck! I would love to see photos of your project!

  3. wren where did you get the galvanized metal please? i love your home xx


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