Saturday, March 3, 2012

Battle of the Bunn

There are several things about who I am that I can contribute to my grandmothers influence; my love of flowers, little dogs, the art of 'making do'. When I look in my garage and see some of the things I've saved, I laugh and think of the Little House and all the things that grandma had saved there. She just didn't throw much out. Didn't matter if it didn't work or had a broken part. To her, there was still some value in it and it was worth keeping.

So, you would think that I would be impressed with my husband's talent for making do. And I am, to a point. But this last week, he went to far. About 11 years ago, I took a huge chance in my life and moved in with Ken. He was a boy I had known 22 years before and he had found me again on We combined our household goods to make a cozy little home. I wasn't much of a coffee drinker, but Ken was so he was the one with the coffee maker. And it wasn't just any coffee maker either. It was a Bunn. For those of you not familiar with a Bunn coffee maker, they pretty much make coffee faster than any other brand of coffee maker. You pour water in the top and it starts to come out nice hot coffee almost instantly.

11 years ago it was top of the line. But, really, that was 11 years ago. Probably 5 years ago, I started hoping it would kick the bucket so I could have a new black model. But the thing just kept perking right along. Then, a few months ago, some hope! It started to leak from the back. To say I was giddy with joy at the thought of getting rid of that ugly thing was an understatement. I informed my much loved husband that it was time to put his friend to rest and replace it with a new sleek black model that would match my kitchen. He argued, he pleaded, but I pointed to the puddle of water on the counter and stood firm. Then I came home that night to a smiling husband, very proud of himself. Being ever frugal, he had taken the thing apart and "Ta-Dah!" it was fixed. Just a matter of tightening a few things that had come loose. Arrrggghhhh!!!

I went back to wishing for the death of the ugly white Bunn and feeling mocked by the thing every morning when I had coffee....


Then last week, I thought that the coffeemaker Gods were smiling on me when I went to turn on the hot plate and the switch flickered and died. Finally! The end! Whoo Hoooo! With a smirk on my face I flipped the switch a few more times before I informed Ken that it was over. Time for a new black Bunn!

But Mr. Make Do, had other ideas. I came home a few nights ago to a husband that was all but doing a touchdown dance he was so pleased with himself. Seems that you can actually buy parts for Bunns and he had ordered a new switch. Are you kidding me?! Really? What evil did I do in a past life to deserve to be punished for the rest of this life with an ugly white Bunn?

I do have to smile though. I can just see my grandma giggling with joy every time he fixes that thing. She would have been very proud of him and his "make do" ways. Of course, that's not to say that I'm not still plotting the death of the white Bunn (insert evil laugh here).

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