Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

It's Tuesday, and for that very reason, I'm amazed at my attitude. I mean, I expect this attitude from me on a Monday after two days at home being creative, wearing sweats, slippers and a ponytail, but on a Tuesday? When I already got Monday out of the way? What's up with that?!

Yet here I am. It's 7:00 in the morning, I'm still in my nightgown with my favorite blanket wrapped around me, my little black dog curled up snoring next to me, a hot cup of coffee and my laptop. And a battle raging in my mind....

"Wren! Get going NOW!
You need to get in the shower, get dressed, and get on the road!" 

And then my mind comes back with all the reasons that today would be a great day to stay home. It is raining after all (like that's a good excuse, since it is March and this is Western Oregon) and there are so many things that really need to be done. You know, like looking at that tutorial by Nan at You Could Make That on felted rose pillows. Or maybe  just sitting here wrapped in a blanket with my little dog Oso and working on my blog. Important things. And I still need to finish pouring over those seed catalogs and planning my garden.  And, hey, here it is March already and I haven't even worked on my Spring mantlescape! See? So many really good reasons why today, Tuesday, would be a wonderful day to stay home....

But then the voice of reason steps in and explains that the supplies for those felted roses and the seeds from those catalogs cost money and staying at home petting the dog doesn't pay all that well ( it would in a perfect world) and that if I really want that $12 thrift store silver urn that is going to look great in my house filled with white flowers, I need shape up and get going.

"NOW Wren!"

So, I'm off to work like the responsible adult my mother raised me to be (thanks mom!) soothing the child in my head that's still stomping her foot and scowling at the injustice of it all with a promise of a run through our favorite junk stores when we get our paycheck. You know, the thing you get when you actually show up at work....

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  1. Yep... that's how I felt this morning! Have a great day.


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